Another economic crash coming soon?

The big banks may be downgraded by Moody at the end of the month, does that scare anyone else but me? Why have we not heard more about this on the mainstream media? Will it cause another crash like the one in 2008, or worse?

Speaking of crashes, a drone crashed in Maryland today. About 100 miles from DC, yet Washington still seems to want to bring 30,000+ drones to fly over our country in a few years. Why, is the question I ask. Is it to fight the war on terrorism, drugs, poverty, Islam, or just so they can control the population? Speaking of terrorism, a nice little fact is 17 US citizens were killed last year by terrorists, the same number of people were killed by their own furniture crushing them. Maybe we need a war on furniture? Might be the reason for all the drones!

I think our government and the to big too fail(or too big to succeed) banks need to file bankruptcy, and get out of our (the peoples) way, and let us run our country again! Give us our life, liberty, and property back jackasses, before you ruin our country!


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