Amendments to Preamble:

We believe that our right to life, liberty, and property is the foundation of our country’s greatness. That we must uphold these ideals, if we are to continue as the greatest country the world has ever seen.

We believe in equal inalienable rights endowed by our creator, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability.

Amendments to platform:


We believe that the unjust war on drugs is no excuse for farmers not to have the right to grow and harvest hemp, as it is not a drug. Our founding fathers found it to be a very useful plant and used for many products, such as paper, rope, clothing, and could provide many new jobs during this time of recession.


We oppose all foreign agreements, such as from the United Nations, or any other form of land use codes, to limit our use of property in a positive and productive way, that is not voted on by the people or their representatives, of the state of Idaho.

We oppose property tax, as it is a form of slavery to the state.

While we are for individual property rights, we oppose foreign nations owning property in our state.



We believe that Defense is one of the most important purposes of government, and that we should keep and have the strongest military in the world. We believe that our country should follow our constitution, and only go to war with a declaration from congress and not at the will of the UN or NATO. We believe that we should never have to sacrifice liberty, for security, and any law that violates our rights as Americans.


We believe that the best defense is the ability to act quickly, and the best way to protect ourselves is by being ready, which is why we believe that our state needs a plan in place to fall back on should our country be attacked.

This should include but not limited to:

A backup militia, ready and trained to act quickly, and should be composed of civilians willing to take an oath to defend the people, our cities, counties, and state, of all enemies foreign or domestic.

That our law abiding citizens have the right to secure safety by carrying a firearm, at all times, if they so wish, and that no law shall forbid them from concealing their weapon.

That in the case of economic collapse we should have a reserve currency of gold and silver, as stated in our Constitution they are legal tender.

That we should have food storage for every city, should there be a food crisis.





We believe that our land is our land, and the federal government should not be the owner of about 60 percent of Idaho, which is why we believe our right, as a state, to control our land, should be up to the people of Idaho, not bureaucrats in Washington D.C. We ask that all federal land besides the land federal agency buildings are on, be turned back over to the state.


We support our veterans, and believe they deserve better treatment in medicine, and better pay. They risk their lives for our freedom, we should reward them with more than medals, and give them the help they deserve.



We oppose all searches of our citizens without warrant granted by a judge. This includes use of GPS tracking of cars, cell phones, computers, and any other device equipped with GPS. We are also opposed to UAV surveillance, and the flight of them over Idaho, as they are a risk of crashing into homes, businesses, and people.


Many of the ills of society can be attributed to the breakdown of the family.  Many of the problems facing the traditional family include, but are not limited to: pornography, substance abuse, debt, and the lack of simple ‘family’ time.  Pornography and substance abuse are particular in that they distort one’s view of reality, and create detrimental addictions, which limit one’s ability to operate physically, mentally and emotionally within the family. Although we do oppose pornography and substance abuse, we believe that it is up to the family to help each other, and do not support government prohibition of pornography or substances, as that would contradict our belief of small and non intrusive government. We do believe that personal responsibility is key to the family, and that family values are the best defense of substance abuse.


We reaffirm the Idaho Republican Party’s opposition to reintroduction of wolves and grizzlies into Idaho, although we oppose their reintroduction, we do support hunting of these predators.


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