Why is Ron Paul the clear choice for President?

(a) Ron Paul believes that defense is the primary role of the federal government. He will use our military to defend this country, not meddle in the affairs of others. He will stop unconstitutional wars of aggression and bring our troops home. Hundreds of active duty troops and veterans marched in Washington DC on President’s day in support of Ron Paul because they know he’s the only candidate who truly supports the military and the Constitution they swore to uphold.

(b) He has always opposed the Federal Reserve that creates money backed by nothing, and he predicted the recession years before anyone else in government. His plan cuts spending by $1 trillion the first year and will balance the budget in three years. As president, Ron Paul will accept a salary of $39,000 –less than 1/10th the current president’s pay – -which represents the median salary of middle class Americans.

(c) In his book “Liberty Defined”, Ron Paul writes “to be an American Patriot means to love liberty”. The Constitution was written to limit government, not your freedom! The federal government has no right to tell you what to eat or drink, smoke, or who you can marry. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate that believes the federal government must actually follow the Constitution.

(d) Ron Paul has won more elections than all the other candidates. He has overwhelming support from active duty military people, as well as middle class Americans of all ages and backgrounds. He is truly the candidate who represents “We The People” not Wall Street or the Military Industrial Corporations.

(e) All the above answers are correct.

It matters not if  you support Ron Paul, he supports YOU. He has the right answers to restore America NOW! It is up to you to change the course of history. Join the REVOLUTION!

Go to http://www.kootenaigop.org to look up your precinct and caucus location. For more information visit  www.ronpaul2012.com or www.dailypaul.com . To help make history, join us North Idaho Patriots at www.meetup.com/northidahopatriots  or call/text (208) 704-4367.


3 responses to “Why is Ron Paul the clear choice for President?

  1. My name is Grant Centers and I thank you for giving me a few minutes to tell you about why I support Ron Paul for President.
    While the other candidates have bickered back and forth about which compromised the most, Ron Paul has been the voice of truth in this campaign, warning Americans that nothing but a return to the Constitutional principles the Founding Fathers established can deliver this country from the political and economic chaos in the world today.
    Unlike the other candidates, during his entire career in government, Dr. Paul has never voted for any law that wasn’t authorized by the Constitution. Unlike the other candidates, he has never voted for a tax increase, has never voted for an unbalanced budget and has never voted to raise the debt ceiling. His clearly specified Plan to Restore America would cut $1 trillion in spending during the first year of his presidency and would balance the budget during his third year.
    Of all the reasons to support Ron Paul, there are two which resonate most with me and which I hope you will consider carefully. First is the issue of pro-life. Over the past 30 years, because of a provision called Title X, included in every Federal Budget of every President during that time, Republican and Democrat, nearly a billion of your tax dollars has been given directly to Planned Parenthood. Rick Santorum voted for these budgets in the Senate. Newt Gingrich voted for these budgets in the House. Ron Paul voted against them every year he has been in Congress. Ron Paul is the only one of the candidates who has never supported your tax dollars being used for abortions.
    Also, since 1997, Ron Paul has tried to get passed two laws called the Sanctity of Life Act and the We the People Act, which, together, forbid federal courts from judging against state anti-abortion laws and define legal personhood as beginning with conception and extend Constitutional rights from conception on. All it would take is a simple majority vote on these acts in Congress and the signature of the President, and Roe V. Wade would immediately be nullified. Even though most of those years the Republican Party held a majority in the House of Representatives, including the last two years Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, not once did the party leadership even allow either act to come to a vote. Despite Dr. Paul’s pleas for the Senate to take up the issue, not one Republican Senator, including the allegedly pro-life Rick Santorum, was willing to sponsor either act.
    A vote against Ron Paul is a vote to bury the only real attempt to stop abortion in this country.
    The other primary reason I have come to support Ron Paul for president is his views on foreign policy. There is a very good reason why twice as many military servicemen and women have donated to Ron Paul than the rest of the current Republican candidates combined. There is a reason why the three largest sources of donations to Ron Paul’s campaign are members of the US Army, US Air Force and US Navy, while Mitt Romney’s top 6 are banks and Rick Santorum’s top 3 are health care and health insurance providers. It isn’t because our military servicemen and women are afraid to fight in defense of their country. No, it is simply this: they take their Enlistment Oath seriously when they say: I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They respect that Ron Paul is the only one of the remaining candidates who has served in the armed forces as an Air Force veteran and support his firm Constitutionalist views on the use of the military. Ron Paul doesn’t want to weaken the United States but instead believes that our best defense is to follow the Constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers in regard to foreign engagements and to only embark on an Act of War if the Congress has fully debated the issue and declared War, or, as George Washington said:

    “The constitution vests the power of declaring war in Congress; therefore no offensive expedition of importance can be undertaken until after they shall have deliberated upon the subject and authorized such a measure.”
    He believes that we cannot afford to pay for nor ought to sacrifice the lives of our servicemen and women for trillion-dollar nation building schemes or policing the world. He believes our resources are better used securing our own borders. He believes that the policy which makes America safest is also the policy which we as Americans are honor-bound to support, which is that we follow the rule of law in our actions and not stray from the instructions given in the Constitution for our foreign actions, regardless of whether some politicians or radio show hosts claim that we must do otherwise for the sake of national security.
    At our peril do we ignore the words of James Madison, who said:
    “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
    And Benjamin Franklin, who said:
    “Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Today, we are less safe than ever, despite trillions of dollars spent, a nation brought to the brink of bankruptcy and thousands of lives lost. And, what do we have to show for it? Our tax dollars used for naked body scanners and TSA thugs, monitoring by the Department of Homeland Security of our email and social networking activity, video surveillance in our cities, threatening labels given by the government to those of us who are military veterans, or who own firearms. We have the National Defense Authorization Act which allows any American to be arrested by military police and held without trial indefinitely and without information given to family members or local law enforcement of their whereabouts so long as the military task force in charge of that area deems that a person is a threat to national security, without even any clear definition of what a threat is and without even an accusation that an actual crime was committed. Ron Paul alone of all the candidates opposes these terrible abuses.
    Whether it is taxes, banking, spending, the right to bear arms, pro-life, foreign affairs, the message of Ron Paul is simple: As Americans, our obligation is also our best remedy: to hold fast to the traditions we were given by our Founding Fathers and which are contained, forever pristine, in our Constitution. They offer us the path back to prosperity and security, now as ever. Some say that we should overlook this idealism, this best course, for the sake of “Beating Obama”, as if the identity of America is somehow a losing political position. Of course, these are lies. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has consistently polled ahead of Barack Obama in a possible head to head election. But, even if it were not the case, even if Ron Paul truly were less likely to beat Barack Obama than the other GOP candidates, deep down, we know that compromising politicians like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich cannot carry us through the dangerous waters which our irresponsible government has steered us into. A vote for them is just slightly delaying the inevitable disaster our government’s policies are pushing us towards. We know that the only way to restore America is to restore the Constitutional values that defined America and the only way we can do that is to elect Ron Paul as president.

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