The problem with our country, our state, our counties and our cities is the 2 party system. The republicans are too old, too white, and too uptight, while the democrats are too stubborn, too ignorant, and too dependent. Why do we continue this insanity of voting for the lesser of 2 evils? The majority of voters now vote against the other party, rather than vote for who is best for the job. George Washington warned us of the dangers of parties, in his farewell address. The democrats and republicans are the modern day Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, constantly bickering and fighting. Rather than working together to better the country, they have ruined it more than any other groups in our nation’s history.
We can no longer call our country a free democratic constitutional republic, what we have now is a fascist corporate oligarchy. Running our country now is the military industrial complex and the bankers who own it.
This is a call to arms if you will, for all; libertarians, constitutionalists, independents, and disenfranchised democrats and republicans, who believe in freedom, liberty, and justice for all, IS the American way. Our founding fathers were not a part of any party, they were fighting for their freedom, and freedom is what we must once again fight for! We have come to a point in human events where we must declare once again; that we are sovereign states, independent people, and are united by liberty. Join us in taking back our country! Join the Revolution! 


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