Top 100 libertarian sites

The following is a list of the top 100 libertarian websites and blogs.

I used an array of criteria to compile this list. Naturally high-traffic websites and notable organizations dedicated to libertarianism are on the list, but I also included some blogs and websites you may have never heard of for the value of the content they publish. I also tried to select blogs with regular and frequent updates, that maintain a professional appearance, and which display language and graphic content that are likely to be “safe for work.” Don’t read too much into the order of links on this list. A higher or lower rank does not necessarily correspond to more or less quality.

This list will be subject to revision from time to time, and I will announce any revisions in an update on this blog. The best way to stay up to date is to subscribe.

1. The Cato Institute

2. Cato at Liberty (The Cato blog)

3. The Ludwig von Mises Institute

4. The Mises Economics Blog

5. The Acton Institute

6. The Acton Institute PowerBlog

7. Reason Magazine

8. Hit & Run – The Reason Magazine blog

9. The Foundation for Economic Education

10. The Free Man Online

11. The Independent Institute

12. The Beacon (The Independent Institute Blog)

13. The Competitive Enterprise Institute

14. The CEI Blog

15. Bureaucrash

16. The Official Website of the Libertarian Party (U.S.)

17. The Official Blog of the Libertarian Party (U.S.)

18. Strike The Root

19. Freedom Watch (with Judge Andrew Napolitano)

20. Library of Economics and Liberty


22. Campaign for Liberty

23. Young Americans For Liberty

24. The Daily Paul

25. The Ayn Rand Institute (with apologies to Ayn Rand)

26. Break The Matrix


28. The Free State Project

29. The Prometheus Institute

30. Capitalism Magazine

31. Liberty Pulse

32. The Agitator

33. Republican Liberty Caucus

34. Liberty PAC

35. Cafe Hayek

36. The Libertarian Alliance Blog

37. The Austrian Economists

38. Marginal Revolution

39. Will Wilkinson

40. Samizdata

41. Libertarian Christians

42. Advocates For Self-Government

43. The Fraser Institute


45. The Coyote Blog


47. The Freedom Factory

48. – Americans for Limited Government

49. International Society for Individual Liberty

50. John Stossel at Fox | Townhall | ABC

51. Free Men Institute

52. The Adam Smith Institute

53. The Adam Smith Institute Blog

54. Libertarians for Life

55. Liberty Maven

56. Libertarian Rock

57. GOP for Liberty

58. Malou Innocent

59. The Libertarian Party (U.K.)

60. Vox Day

61. The Liberty Papers

62. Libertarian Republican

63. The John Locke Foundation

64. QandO

65. The Big Picture


67. MindBodyPolitic

68. National Center for Policy Analysis


70. The Institute For Justice

71. Daniel Hannan’s Blog and YouTube Profile

72. Chris Moody

73. Not PC

74. Freedom Politics

75. The Southern Avenger

76. Students for Liberty


78. Libertarian Papers

79. Foundation For Individual Rights in Education

80. Libertarian Meetup Groups

81. United Liberty

82. Libertarian Leanings

83. Thoughts on Freedom

84. Reform the LP

85. The Heartland Institute

86. The Volokh Conspiracy

87. The Institute For Humane Studies

88. Liberty vs. Leviathan

89. The American Conservative

90. Greg Mankiw

91. Euro Pacific Capital

92. Downsize DC

93. The Entrepreneurial Mind

94. Ilana Mercer

95. Ron Paul Blog

96. The Atlasphere Meta-Blog

97. Liberty Guide

98. Light of Liberty

99. Center for a Stateless Society

100. The Humble Libertarian


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