Who to vote for?

Who should I vote for Republican or Democrat? Should I mark
the box with a vote for socialism or fascism? Maybe I shouldn’t
vote at all? Einstein said doing the same thing over and over
expecting a different result is insanity, so why does the
majority of the people in this country keep voting for the
problem expecting it will fix the problem? The 2 parties we
have running the country will not fix problems, they are the
problem! I urge all people of this great state to vote for
anyone other than the people with a D or R next to their
name. Please use some commons sense and stop wasting
your vote on them! I wish that the letters of the parties each
candidate have next to their name would be deleted, so that
we would stop always voting for a party rather than a person.
As for me, I will be voting for Liberty, whether the person has
a D, R, L, C, or whatever letter appears next to the
candidate’s name I have researched and found to be the best
choice. I am voting for Gary Johnson for President, Rob Oates
for the House, Dan English and Vito Barbieri for my district,
Steve Vick for state Senate, writing in Gordon Ormesher, Jr
and Jack Schroeder for commissioners, and keeping the
county government the same. The reason I choose these men
is because they are the best choice, not because the party
they belong to!


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