I am compiling a list of issues to be turned into a petition, let me know if I missed anything please.

Our main concerns are: the land use code, Obamacare, drones, the corruption in all levels of government, the unconstitutional money system, the unconstitutional wars, the growing police state, the massive regulations on businesses, the tax system, and fixing our republican form of government.


Violations of our Bill of Rights by our county, state, or federal governments


1st Amendment violations:

            HR 347

            Any and all laws restricting the internet


2nd Amendment violations:

            The right to carry concealed in city limits, and or any other prohibition of being able to defend oneself


3rd Amendment violations


4th Amendment violations

            Patriot Act

            unwarranted searches

            unwarranted spying by person or drone


5th Amendment violations

            confiscation of property and cash by officers with no charges


            Property rights (ULUC)


6th Amendment violations



7th Amendment violations

            Restitution for non violent and victim-less crimes


8th Amendment violations

            unjust penalties for victim-less crimes


9th Amendment violations

Too many to list all, but basically any law that prohibits ones rights to consume any drink, food, or drug: raw milk, marijuana, etc…


10th Amendment violations


            Federal land 

            wolves and other wildlife issues from the feds


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