On Christmas Eve 1913, our congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, which then led to our Income Tax, what a great gift we received by our elected officals!

How is it, we as free people, undermine our freedom so easily? We, by giving government the power to tax our very existence, have gave up all our freedoms for the sake of being comfortable. But now, we are not as comfortable as we once were, and not as free, either. I personally prefer to be free of taxes on my very existence and be uncomfortable, than to be comfortable and a slave. I must admit I did not always prefer this; I use to be a Democrat, and I believed that the rich were the problem and government was the solution, but now I can see I was wrong! I am not a Democrat anymore, nor am I a Republican, I am an American! Being an American, a person who believes that our founding fathers were right in keeping power in the people and their communities and states, was/is and always will be, the only way to remain free. This country was founded by men who were sick of being ruled by a far off tyrant, who TAXED them too much, and stole their property, and their right to life and liberty.
Have we come full circle?
Bills like the Patriot Act, SOPA, NDAA, and the 16th amendment have stolen our freedom!
I will not let this country, become, what our founding fathers freed us from! We must not let those who want to take our freedom away from us, divide us, for we are united, we the people are stronger than tyrants, if we stay united. We have become divided, by our petty differences, that they try to magnify to keep us divided, Let us not be divided anymore by our differences in the way we choose to live, or by our religion, or race, or sex, or any other thing they wish to disapprove of. We are all individuals and should be who we choose to be, and that is what makes us different, but it is also what makes us United States Americans! We should all be united, and give thanks to those who chose to stand up against tyranny, our founding fathers who gave us the great gifts; freedom and liberty and justice for all! Let the rest of this century, be peaceful, prosperous, and FREE, the greatest gift man has ever been given was not by congress, it was given to us by our creator, and that is freedom!


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