Dear Countrymen,

Are you happy the direction our congress and the President is taking our country? I know I am not! With our National debt at 50,000 dollars per American citizen, their move to censor the internet, the NDAA (which completely violates the 4th Amendment of our Constitution), our trend towards Fascism, the bailouts, the PATRIOT ACT (which also violates our Constitution), voting fraud, lack of Justice, and the erosion of our liberty, I can’t sit by anymore and let our country fall as did many other Empires! We weren’t supposed to be an Empire. We were founded as a Republic, not a democracy, and we are all Americans united. Let us not be divided any more! Let’s move away from this 2 party system, since all we do is look at our differences, and not our similarities. We may never agree on everything, but we must all agree that we believe in freedom if we are to survive as a country! If you are planning to vote this time for a President, I recommend that you look at the honest, principled, and consistent conservative, Dr. Ron Paul. He has been elected 12 times to congress, so he is electable. He has never voted to raise the debt or to take a pay increase (De facto, he gives money back, and has said he will take a tenth the pay as our current President). He voted against the bailouts, voted to go after Osama, but against the Iraq war, votes in favor of the 2nd amendment every time, and he predicted the housing bubble years before it happened. When it comes to his stance on Israel, he is in agreement with the Prime Minister Netanyahu. Do not believe what the media tells you, as they are owned by the people who own the majority of the people in congress. Dr. Paul is not one of them, and this is why he is ignored, or labeled a racist, or called unelectable. It is just propaganda! They lied about WMDs in Iraq, the bailouts fixing our economy, and who knows what else? Ron Paul has been the only one standing for the people for the last 30 years. It is time to get back to what our country was founded on, FREEDOM! Vote Ron Paul 2012!

In Liberty,
Michael Alexander


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