It is in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, on our money, has had many books written about it, and our country was founded on it through the blood of patriots. Yet seems like most people do not understand what it is, or take it for granted.

Being a patriot means to; love and defend, life and liberty. Some patriots like Jefferson defend life and liberty in writing, some do it by speaking, like Adams, and some do it by the sword, like Washington. All patriots have their own way, it is up to you to decide your way. Ron Paul is a modern day Jefferson and Adams combined. Dr. Ron Paul defends life and liberty by writing and speaking, and is a veteran. He has inspired me more than any other man, to be a true patriot! He has inspired millions of others to be patriots as well. I said thank you to Dr. Paul in Spokane after he spoke and he said thank you back while signing 2 of his own books. I will never forget the day that I finally got to vote for the only person in government I believe is telling the truth. I even got up in front of about a thousand people at the caucus, and gave not only my first political speech ever, but my first speech ever. I must say before I finally found an honest man running for office, I could never imagine that I would ever speak in favor of a Politician, let alone to that many people. He has said before many times “freedom brings people together” and he is right! “An idea who’s time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government”. That idea is LIBERTY!

Freedom to choose your own path through life, to choose who you want to spend that life with, to choose what you want to consume, and how to go about finding happiness. Why do some think they know these things better than youself? They do not understand liberty, but I hope that they will some day.
We are now a fascist country ruled by corporations, and banks, of the military industrial complex. No longer do our leaders (public servants) listen to the people, most of them think they know better than we do, how to live our lives. They do not know better than the individual, only freedom of choice truly works in the end. Jesus said love thy neighbor, and in the spirit of liberty, the golden rule is and will forever be, the best way to live in a society of free will. Liberty and justice for all, does that exist anymore? Not yet, in my opinion, we are less free, and the justice system favors insiders and wealthy people more. That is not how the society of free people live! Free people are born free, controlled by their parents until they decide to provide for themselves, and when they need help, their family is there for them. They do not live off others who do not volunteer their time and money, that is theft, and is a violation of others liberty. Today when we speak about taxing the rich more and giving to the poor, we think of the story of Robin Hood, but it is skewed in my opinion. Robin hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor, because just like today, the rich stole from the poor first, and the poor fought back from the lords who stole from them. Today, the middle class is being robbed by the military industrial complex, and turning into the middle class into the poor. I remember just one decade ago that I made half the money I do now, yet I was better off than I am today.

When speaking about liberty, we shall consider that liberty is second only to life, in the declaration of independence. So is that not the second most important thing to you? Why would a person even claim to think they know what is best for another? Every person on earth is doing exactly what they (the individual) wants to be doing, given their situation. Why, does it matter to anyone not involved directly with another, what others choose to be doing? Prohibition does not work, never has never will, just ask a 3 year old!

Our problem today is we have forgotten how important freedom is, and have taken it for granted. Are we so distracted by our high tech world, that we have lost sight of what is most important to us? Trust me, Freedom, liberty, and justice for all, will create a much better world than any form of socialism. We are no longer in need of a central power, if we just let liberty and justice be our guide.
We have seen that for thousands of years, the freer a people are the happier they are. Let people be free and we create great things, force people to, and we create mediocre things. What is the purpose of government anymore? It steals our money, kills people, kills jobs, kills freedom, and we continue the cycle of allowing maniacs rule over us. We should be at world peace by now with our greatest technology ever, words! Now with the internet we have the tool to work out peace, yet we cannot seem to stop killing people. Why? Profit for the few, at the expense of the many.

A good way to know if you are infringing on another’s liberty is by looking to the Ten Commandments, then the bill of rights, and last if you feel good about what you are doing.

I find it interesting how people think laws are the answer to immorality. Prohibition does not work on 3 year olds, or alcoholics, and every person in between. Does a law against not wearing a seat belt and a law against talking on the phone while driving really stop people from doing it, and do we need those laws? Why not have one law that says if you infringe on some person’s life, liberty, or property while driving you are liable for damages, and subject to trial by jury. Sounds simple and easy and proper for free people.

Drug issue: Great example is smoking(tobacco or pot), if you do not know about it, never see it, never smell it, or have any time seen the effects of it, why do you think there needs to be a law against it? Say a couple of people want to have sex, that is ok if they are both consenting adults, but 2 consenting adults can not enjoy smoking pot, both while in their own home. This is a violation of the idea of liberty. Why can people not enjoy anything they choose to if it is on their property, or if it is on public land if it does not infringe on anyone else’s liberty? If it is done on their property, it does not infringe on your liberty. Although, it does when you pay for the police to raid peoples homes, shoot their dogs, or them, and steal there life, liberty, property and justice. We pay taxes to arrest people and spend money on weapons to use on the drug war, yet, it causes more violence than it would if drugs were legal.

An example of how important freedom is, as oppose to socialism, look at how criminals behave. Ever want to know how great socialism is, go to jail or prison for awhile, it is thee best example of how well socialism works, and everyone in the system wants to be free! Many, who spend time in jail or prison, return quickly for committing another crime. Most of those are in for drug offenses, many for laundering drug money. What if we just taxed it and treated drugs like alcohol? It would save money, and take much of the violence out of society, just look back to when alcohol was prohibited.

What if all government employees were elected by their precinct? It truly would be neighbors helping neighbors. That is the kind of government I would like to see. If we were to all start electing neighbors to work for the positions we need, we would get much better work for the price we pay now. If each precinct was say 2000 people, and it needed a police and fireman and we each contributed 5 dollars a month that would be 10000, divide that equally between the police and fireman, and that is decent money. Now say we want someone to keep track of property, we have to elect a person to fill the job and how much tax we must take to pay them. Now imagine that this person also has the job of mailing out notices and needs help because the work is too much, they can hire anyone that they want, but must be taken out of their pay. A vote can be called and if the precinct people vote that they are ok with paying more tax than government will grow. But I seriously doubt the precinct will go into debt. Elections should be interviews, not entertainment (drama). The more local government is, the more accountable the public servants are to the people they work for. Remember the government is suppose to work for the people, not the people work for the government. If some person in the precinct is in need of help the neighborhood should help them, and the neighborhood should get to decide who to help by voting on how much each person can help that person. 1 dollar a day is all that is needed for 100+ people in a precinct to be fed a month.

United we stand, divided we fall. Our city, county, state, and country are all divided, by a 2 party system that does not care about liberty, freedom and America. We must throw out this old 2 party system that has ruined this country for decades. We need to stop voting for a party and start voting for freedom, our country was founded on liberty and was the greatest country of the world because we are free, or at least use to be. Libertarian ideas are taking the best from both parties, and actually believing in them, and also practicing them. The democrats want more government, the republicans less when it comes to spending, yet you can reverse it when it comes to enforcing social practices. Neither side wants to compromise with the other, which is good in ways, but terrible in others. The Christian right wants to control, abortion, marriage, and drugs, while the left wants to control, welfare programs and workers pay. The problem is that a free society should not allow government to control any of these things.

Liberty should be a very important part of a persons life, yet, many do not even care. These people who do not care are ignorant of what liberty is, not because they do not have it, most do not realize that is what allows them to live there daily life, and take it for granted, without even knowing they are. The majority of people do not even understand what liberty is. I was not even sure of the meaning until I went to jail, where I learned what freedom really meant to me. I was so mad at the fact I was incarcerated for what I perceived as not a crime, what I came to realize is what liberty is, as oppose to the socialism I was confined to. Jail, or prison, is thee best example of how socialism works. None know it better than prisoners, how badly they wish for freedom over socialism. The prisoners of drug trafficking and other non violent crimes, are the victims, of a corrupt government, they are not the problem, just as the speakeasy owners were not the problem with alcohol prohibition. They are the result of government interference, and sometimes the victims.


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